The Talent Centre | Our Story

The Talent Centre (TTC) is a boutique HR Consultancy based in Shanghai with an office in New Zealand. It was established in 2007, by local Chinese and International Partners. The consultancy specializes in:

  • Recruitment
  • Coaching
  • Consulting

Our Partners have extensive commercial backgrounds, each with more than 20 years’ experience. In Recruitment, we specialize in the search and development of the best local candidates in China, introducing them to our multi-national customers.


Means virtuous people’s house in Chinese

It was from our Chinese name that we derived the English name, “The Talent Centre.”

There are several meanings of the word ‘Talent”. One of the parables in the Bible tells the story of a rich man, who goes on a journey and leaves fives talents of silver to one of his servants, two talents to another servant, and to the last servant, he leaves one talent.

In ancient Rome, a talent of silver weighed around 32 kilograms, and was the equivalent value of nine years wages, so these talents had quite weighty ramifications in every sense. The underlying message of the parable is about how each servant used the talents they’d been given. That God has specifically given each one of us unique talents and it is our responsibility to use them to the best of our ability. 

Our Services

Our core services and business functions are Recruitment, Coaching and Consulting.

Our Recruitment centre in Shanghai, specializes in search and development of the best local candidates for multi-national companies.

Our Coaching business (TCC) works with Individuals on their personal development, and also with teams, building performance and culture.

Our HR Consulting business supports multi-national companies with a range of fundamentals, including:

  • Labour contracts
  • Company handbooks
  • HR law in China, especially in regard to the Employment Contracts Act of 2008.

Your HR Partner in China

TTC’s partners have extensive experience with running businesses in China. Our partners have a broad cross section of functional skills, (Marketing, Sales, Finance Operations, and General Management,) and also sector skills (Education, FMCG, Manufacturing, Public sector, and Pharmaceuticals). As such, we have direct experience and confidence that we can support our clients, and live up to our values:

  • A top service
  • Responsiveness and Efficiency
  • A desire to provide Real Value
  • A strong sense of working closely as a team with our clients.

Our Value Proposition

  • Strong Service; our goal is to be a long term business partner with our customers, by providing great service, quality advice and outstanding results.
  • Responsive and Efficient: We keep our customers involved throughout the process and aim to provide at least one candidate within 3 days of opening a job.
  • Value Conscious; we provide real value by delivering a superior service at a very competitive price.
  • Our Team / Your team. We value total teamwork, and have a team of experienced passionate, and hardworking specialists who support your team.

Our People

Mary Zhang 

GM China/Partner

With more than 20 years experience in Sales, Human Resources and Recruitment roles, TTC was delighted that Mary accepted the invitation to come and run the recruitment business in Shanghai, in 2013.

Mary was formerly a key person in Education First’s major growth surge in China, where she was Director of Recruitment and Talent Development for 5 years. Added to her strengths in Education, and Human Resources, Mary also brings strong Sales Management and commercial experience to TTC.

She is passionate about helping people, helping their career development, and helping candidates understand themselves better.

Jessica Zhang


Jessica was the founding partner of TTC in 2007, after having enjoyed a strong corporate career.

After attending Fudan University, she worked at SC Johnson for 8 years, Lion Nathan for 4 years, followed by stints at Electrolux and BMS. She worked predominantly in senior marketing and business unit leadership roles, and brings all of this local and international experience to TTC.

Jessica is passionate about people; she has done a large amount of work with innovation, design and people development. She continues to innovate with new workshop designs.

David Boyle


Also coming from a corporate background, David has over 20 years of Operations, Finance and General Management, experience.

He was first posted in China in 1997 with an Australasian brewing business, and after two further roles, as COO of a Chinese company, then CEO of an American company, he joined the Talent Centre, in 2007.

His core background experience is with FMCG, and manufacturing, and he has strong interest in sports and philanthropy in China including founding the Sport For All Foundation which TTC strongly supports.

TTC in the Community



Sport for All

TTC has several years association with Sport For All Foundation, which provides sports coaching and physical development for approximately 8,000 children in Shanghai. The Foundation is based at the Shanghai Commuity Sports Club, and boasts 26 full-time coaches, plus admin staff in a fully privately funded philanthropic venture. TTC Directors have provided specific Coach training and Organisational advice to Sport For All, and David Boyle has been a Director since its founding in 2009.