Organisational Development

TCC has been deeply involved with major organisational re-development programmes, that have gone through the following processes;

  • Internal Audit, including staff interviews, questionnaires and workshops
  • Analysis and reporting to Senior Management;
  • Collaborative planning exercises to develop and enhance the organization design and structure.
  • Formal Assessments; one such re-organization involved over 80 Hogan assessments
  •  Agreed re-development plan including re-engineering processess and remuneration
  • Structural redesign

HR Planning

For Multi National businesses entering China, there will be important questions about building a team. These might include:

  • HR Budgeting and remuneration plans.
  • Recruitment options, and costings.
  • Employment Contracts and non-competes.
  • Social Insurance costings.
  • Staff handbooks.
  • Training costs and retention planning.
  • Development plans and coaching.
  • Exit strategies.

The Labour Laws in China

It is important for foreign business entering China to gain a full understanding of China’s Labour law, as part of setting up business. TTC has strong experience helping  multi-nationals with parts of the Labour law that may differ from their country of origin, including;

  • What are the mandatory sections of an Employment Contract?
  • What is the mandatory probation period for a 1, 2 or 3 year contract.
  • What are the merits and demerits of an open-ended contract.
  • How do social insurances work?
  • What other key parts of the Employment Contract Act of 2008, must I understand when hiring?
  • What are the potential risks of an inadequate employment contract.
  • Why would an employment agency be a better solution than hiring direct?

TTC Support Processes

TTC can arrange networking with key partners and professional services providers, including:

  • Legal support.
  • Accounting support.
  • Tax and Customs professionals.
  • Strategic Advisors.
  • Government Officers.