Welcome to The Talent Centre

The Talent Centre (TTC) is a boutique HR Consultancy based in China. TTC was established in 2007, by local Chinese and International Partners. The consultancy specializes in:

  • Recruitment

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

Our Partners have extensive commercial backgrounds, each with more than 20 years’ experience. In Recruitment, we specialize in the search and development of the best local candidates in China, introducing them to our multi-national customers.. more


Means virtuous people’s house in Chinese

It was from our Chinese name that we derived the English name, “The Talent Centre.”

There are several meanings of the word ‘Talent”. One of the parables in the Bible tells the story of a rich man, who goes on a journey and leaves fives talents of silver to one of his servants, two talents to another servant, and to the last servant, he leaves one talent.

In ancient Rome, a talent of silver weighed around 32 kilograms, and was the equivalent value of nine years wages, so these talents had quite weighty ramifications in every sense. The underlying message of the parable is about how each servant used the talents they have been given: that God has specifically given each one of us unique talents and it is our responsibility to use them to the best of our ability. 

Our Industry & Customer Overview

Education and Learning

  • Hurtwood House
  • EF
  • Atena Academy
  • BE Education
  • ILE
  • The Talent Academy

Health and Lifestyle

  • Les Mills
  • Hegii

Technology and Big Data

  • Ebay
  • Paypal
  • 51 Talk
  • Dell
  • PP Rental

NZ Govt and Private Sector

  • NZTE
  • NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • NZ Tourism
  • Primary Collaboration NZ
  • Zespri
  • Westland Dairy

Chemicals and Manufacturing

  • Nippon Paint
  • Lixil Valspar
  • Morgan
  • Sciclone

Recruitment Specialists

TTC’s Recruitment business supports the sourcing, search and selection of middle to high level Chinese executives for multi-national organisations.

We undertake a focused, targeted approach to each search, endeavouring to find the best candidate for each postion.

Our head office is in Shanghai, where our team of Associates and Consultants is headed by our General Manager, Mary Zhang..  more


The Coaching Centre (TCC) was created in response to meet our Client’s strategic agenda; their feedback was that retention and development of key staff was a ‘Top 5’ strategic business priority.

So TCC was born, with initial focus on Executive Development, which grew into Team Coaching, Team Workshops, Training, and Assessment .. more


Our International clients arriving in China  have sought a range of professional HR services about how best to establish their organisations in China. We have consulted on a number of topics, including Organisation Structure, Remuneration Levels, Social Insurances,  Labour Law, and in particular the 2008 Employment Contracts Act.. more

How to do business in China?

There are a myriad of self-help books written on the subject of “How To Do Business in China”. We believe that the  best way for companies to learn how to do business in China is to be there, and learn from direct experience. Therefore working with a Consultancy that has two Chinese partners and an Expatriate partner who has been in China for 17 years, is a good place to seek a little guidance. What we have learnt is;

  • The regulatory platform is constantly changing;
  • Commercial supply chains, and routes to market via digital commerce are changing at astonishing pace
  • Local culture and values should be understood and respected
  • Relentless learning, and belief in the company cause, are vital;
  • And, because of all the above, good, hard-working talented people are the key!